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Hard Drive Recovery for Quickbooks
To our knowledge, we are the only providers of Quickbooks file repair that also offer hard drive repair and recovery to our clients. Often hard drive recovery and database repair run hand in hand. One bad sector where your Quickbooks database is stored will cause the file to malfunction. Even if you are able to recover a file from a damaged hard drive there is a very good chance the file will not function without some further repair work.
We are contacted regularly by clients who use Quickbooks and have suffered some type of hard drive failure.  Often these clients have already paid another company to recover the data from a damaged hard drive and upon receiving the recovered data they find that although most other data files function normally, the Quickbooks database will not.  This is because complex database files require specialized algorithms to recognize and properly recover these data files. In the end they have to pay twice for a recovery that should have been done correctly in the first place.  Allow us to perform this work for you and you can avoid this costly mistake.
We have three categories for hard drive recovery as it pertains to recovering and restoring Quickbooks data. Take a moment and read the information provided below.

Physical  Hard Drive Repair
This describes a drive that has completely failed due to some physical malfunction.

Typically these drives will make some type of clicking or scraping noise and will not recognize in any PC.  These are the most intensive types of recovery because they involve first repairing the offending hard drive. Then restoring the lost data.  In some cases depending on the condition of the data post recovery we may need to continue on and do some file repair work. 

Logical Hard Drive Recovery
This is how we classify any hard drive recovery that does not require a clean room to perform a recovery. 
Dropped partitions, accidental deletions, Formats and installation of an OS over a Quickbooks database.
Basically any issue where the drive functions but for some reason you are unable to access the data contained on the drive.
Forensic Hard Drive Recovery

This level of recovery is focused on clients who are involved in lawsuits or pending litigation and require a scan of hard drive for information about how the drive has been used and what data is present and what data has been deleted.
We focus special attention on not only recovering lost data but also finding out how it happen.
Don't let a disgruntled employee ruin years of company data with the push of a button. 
How do I know my problem is Hard Drive Related?
  • Any clicking, scraping, tapping or grinding noises.
  • The drive is no longer recognized as a media source by the PC
  • There was an accidental format or you are missing partition information
  • Your Quickbooks database was accidentally deleted.
  • You have suffered a virus that has corrupted the system files on your drive.
  • Any problem that prevents you from normally accessing the data on your hard drive or disk array.
This is just a few of the most common problems related to hard drives, if you have a question regarding our service or would like to speak with one of our technicians about your problem. Please free free to contact us for a completely free consultation. 


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